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Mozambique set to supply international quality seafood

Mozambique’s National Fish Inspection Institute laboratory is working to ensure that the country’s seafood meets international quality standards.

So said Minister of the Sea, Interior Waters and Fisheries, Augusta Maíta, in Maputo on Monday during her first visit to some of the institutions her ministry supervises.

Minister Maíta visited the laboratory of the National Fish Inspection Institute, Maputo’s fishing port and the Fisheries Museum.

The Minister of the Sea, Inland Waters and Fisheries expressed concern about the silting up of Maputo fishing port and the reduction in the amount of ice produced.

Comments by Minister Maíta focussed on the ‘veda’ period, when catching species such as shrimp and crab is banned in order to ensure their sustainability, and stressed that it was vital to involve all of society in the matter.

Augusta Maíta is holding a series of working visits to sector institutions with the aim of familiarising herself with their operations and perspectives, as well as their projects for the present five-year governance cycle.

Source: Notícias via Club of Mozambique

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