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Mozambique new standards to transport meat and other animal products

As per the National Veterinary Directorate (DINAV), from March 1st, the transportation of fresh meat and other animal products in Mozambique will have to be done using vehicles with refrigerated compartments in stainless metal hooks, duly authorized and licensed by the veterinary authority.

 The new rules are a result of findings by the authorities that the meat transport had been carried with no minimum hygiene conditions, putting consumer`s health at risk.

The new regulation will also imply the use of of 4°C degrees refrigeration for such products. Poor packing of meat and other animal products can lead to diseases such as salmonellosis, tuberculosis and even cholera.

This new set of rules comes at a time where there will be an alternative, cheaper way of transport in Mozambique with the start of the sea coastal cargo transport service. This new service, along with new and much more flexible rules will also make for a faster circulation of commodities in Mozambique.

Pedro Monjardino – Managing Partner of Strategic Consulting

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