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US$78M disease research centre to be built in Kenya

The government of Kenya has announced plans to develop a disease research centre worth US$78M following requests by the African Union and the World Health Organization (WHO) for Kenya to host the centre that will serve the entire continent.

The Cabinet revealed the plans and said that the centre will position Kenya as a regional and continental hub in medical research and disease control and also give the country a head start in combating medical issues such as the coronavirus pandemic.

Disease research centre

As part of its support for establishment of the centre, the Chinese government has offered to put up the 21-storey office building. Upon completion, it will provide job opportunities for Kenyans in the technical, administrative and support functions.

The construction industry entered 2020 facing many unknowns, and experts say the fallout from the COVID-19 (coronavirus) virus is one more factor poised to affect construction firms. According to Reuters news agency, nearly 9,000 people have died across the globe and about 219,000 have contracted the disease. Despite the uncertainty, experts predict that the pandemic will have ramifications for several aspects construction.

As part of concerted efforts by the government to protect Kenyans, during the outbreak, the Cabinet has also received and discussed a report from the National Treasury on the projected impact of coronavirus pandemic to the economy and resolved to align budgetary allocations and other fiscal considerations accordingly.

The meeting discussed reforms at the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) and Strategic Food Reserve Trust Fund and directed Treasury CS Ukur Yattani to wind up the Strategic Food Reserve Fund within six months.

Source: Construction Review Online

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