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Angola improves wood production

The recycling company BTC-ECO expects to start, later this year, a process of transformation of 100 tons of solid waste / day, generating approximately 60 square meters of biosynthetic wood and other materials for civil construction.

According to the company’s administrator, Sérgio Hirose, who was speaking to ANGOP, on Friday, it is under construction, in the Special Economic Zone (ZEE) Luanda / Bengo, and estimates it will create 1,000 indirect and 50 direct jobs.

The project has a partnership with the extinct Ministry of the Environment, through the National Waste Agency (ANR).

According to Sérgio Hirose, in addition to the construction of community wooden houses, the initiative will reduce the cutting of trees for the transformation of biosynthetic wood.

“For the construction of a wooden house, five trees are felled, so the project will help to reduce this negative impact, by producing 60 square meters of wood / day”, he stressed.

He said that waste management is a serious problem for governments around the world, where most spend more money on garbage than on health and education.

According to the manager, in the city of Luanda, about 140 tons of garbage / day are discarded, a situation that “is not solved only with landfills or recycling, but with its transformation”.

Source: Angop

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