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UAE medical aid bound for Ethiopia and other African countries

As part of an initiative to assist other countries restrain the spread of Corona virus, the United Arab Emirates has dispatched an aid plane containing approximately 33 metric tons of medical supplies, bound for Ethiopia and expected to support some 33,000 healthcare professionals.

The aid consisted of 15 metric tons of aid provided by the UAE to Ethiopia, another 15 metric tons of aid provided by the World Health Organization, WHO, as well as 3 metric tons provided by the UAE to the African Union to help Ethiopia and other African countries curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The UAE is committed to a humanitarian approach that upholds emergency relief in areas of need as a key tenet. Through our partnership with the World Health Organisation, we are proud to honour this mandate in facilitating the delivery of critical aid to Ethiopia as it exerts all efforts to contain COVID-19,” said Mohamed Salem Al Rashedi, UAE Ambassador to Ethiopia.

Mr. Al Rashedi reiterated that Ethiopia and all countries affected by COVID-19 can count with the UAE’s full commitment and assistance in this latest crisis. He went on to add that UAE’s assistance to Ethiopia means that medical staff will be able to provide better care and bolster their impact in the fight against the virus’ spread.

This humanitarian stance held by the UAE was commended by WHO’s Director-General, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus and Director of Emergency Operations, Rick Brennan, who extended their thanks to the UAE for the country’s notable relief efforts around the globe.

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