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Sonangol, Pumangol agreement allows fuel reserve creation

Sonangol and Pumangol have agreed to use the Pumangol fuel terminal (TCPL), in Luanda, owned by Puma Energy, to create a fuel reserve for the country.

As a result of the agreement, the parties followed last Tuesday, April 21, the first unloading operation at the referred terminal, carried out by Sonangol’s Girassol vessel.

In a statement, to which Angop has had access, Sonangol underlines that the understanding satisfies both parties and will make it possible to meet fuel needs, as well as reinforces cooperation between the two companies.

Signed last weekend, the agreement will allow Sonangol to use these facilities almost to their full capacity, estimated at three hundred thousand cubic meters, as well as other logistical assets it has.

Sonangol has assured that it remains engaged in the construction project for the Barra do Dande Ocean Terminal, in Bengo Province, an undertaking that will increase the onshore storage capacity and contribute to the creation of the liquid and gaseous fuel security reserve for the country.

The Pumangol group is the identity under which Puma Energy is registered in Angola, dedicated to the storage and distribution of fuel, bitumens, emulsions and asphalt derivatives.

Source: Angop via CrudeMix

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