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Welcome to “Art Gallery by CCIPS-AO”. The Art Gallery by CCIPS-AO concept was born within the program of the Culture Commission of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Cultural Promotion Portugal – Senegal & West Africa, its main objective is to promote and enhance African Art.

The project was developed as an international platform and seeks to form a new mindset and drive empowerment to bring together collectors, creators, critics, or simple art enthusiasts. The Art Gallery by CCIPS-AO concept aims to become a reference in the sector, creating bridges between the African continent and the rest of the world. Since our creation has always been a strong belief in the skills and creativity of artists and their cultural output.

Art is something unique, a truly footprint of civilization, we consider art as an experience, much more them an object. In a world “addicted” to constant evolution and change, Art is, probably, a state of mind more than anything else, and it is through this dynamic that we decided to create a platform ” liberal and democratic ” for share, negotiate or even reflect on art.


Someone as described:

“Art is a magic switch able of connecting us deeply to different worlds and times; art improves us on a higher intellectual and emotional level”

It was like this, invested in this spirit, that we  launched the “Art Beat”, a series of manifestos on art and culture that we will bring, each month, to our followers.

Thank you for your best attention

Gonçalo Terenas
President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Cultural Promotion Portugal – Senegal & West Africa, Board Member of Economic Consultative Council of the Embassy of Portugal in Dakar – Senegal, Member of Portuguese Diaspora Council since April 2017

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