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Botswana to introduce new online tax collection system

As Botswana seeks measures to increase revenue collection without increasing tax rates, a new online collection system dubbed Lekgetho Live Tax Management System is scheduled to go live next week.

Botswana Unified Revenue Services spokesperson Mable Bolele on Thursday said the system replaces the current Integrated Tax Management System.

She said some of the changes expected with the implementation of Lekgetho Live system are new, making it easy to remember Tax Identification Numbers for all taxpayers.

Commenting on the development, tax expert at Aupracon Tax Specialist Jonathan Hore said the new system is expected to be more accurate, as the current one has had various errors on PAYE and other withholding tax accounts.

Botswana’s efficiency in collection of tax is expected to help support the local economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: News Ghana

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