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Ghana launches Ghcovid19 symptom tracker to contain the spread of COVID-19

Ghana has launched Ghcovid19 Symptom Tracker to aid contain the spread of COVID-19. The Minister of Communications, Ursula Owusu, announced the Ghcovid19 symptom tracker via Twitter.

Ghana has over 2700 confirmed cases of coronavirus. The government is actively searching for solutions to fight the disease. It has launched several preventive campaigns, closed down the ports, banned all social gatherings, and instilled partial lockdown in parts of the country. The app will rely on data from citizens to quickly identify suspected cases.

At the official launch, the Vice President, Dr. Bawumiasaid said

“Our focus has been on tracing, testing, treatment, as well as observing social distancing and these have been made possible through data, and this COVID-19 Tracker will significantly help.”

The tracker app was launched to trace people that are infected with the disease. The user will have to input personal data such as phone number, and information about the risk of contracting coronavirus. The app will inform health officials if the symptoms are present.

According to the Minister of Communication, “The app does not provide medical or prescriptive advice. It is an information tool to help stay safe by providing some basic information and tracking those who might have been infected.”

The app is presently available in apk format for android users only. iPhone users cannot download the app because it is not yet approved. The government is currently finalizing the process of making it available on all app stores

Source: TechGist Africa

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