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Angola: Farm in Cangandala bets on seed production

The project, installed three years ago in an area of two thousand hectares, is focused exclusively on the production of corn and soybeans and foresees to reduce the demand for seeds of these cereals in the national market, said the farm manager, Alexandre Sermão.

Speaking to Angop, Alexandre Sermão said that after the harvest the production will go to Luanda, where the equipment for its processing is installed.

The same project also includes, on an experimental basis, the production of rice also for seeds.

Still in Malanje province, another farm, called Cristalina, located in the municipality of Cacuso, is waiting for the harvest of maize on 420 hectares, soybeans on 66 and cassava on 40.

In relation to Cristalina Farm, Marcelo Camargo, who is in charge of the project, said the harvest is estimated at seven tons per hectare, in an investment that already is around five million dollars.

Source: Angop

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