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Diamond production in Angola below expectation

Speaking on the sidelines of the announcement of the winners of the public tender for the granting of mining rights, carried out by the Ministry of Petroleum, Geology and Mines, in Luanda, the Endiama C.E.O said that the drop in production is due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic of the covid-19.

However, the source explained that the company is working on its restructuring in order to increase production and position itself among the three largest diamond miners in the world.

He explained that, for this purpose, the existing mines are being improved, with emphasis on the old Luvo concession and the exploration of the Luaxi mine (eastern Lunda Sul Province), although on an experimental basis, will soon begin with the aim of increasing the production capacity.

In 2019, the diamond sector in Angola produced just over 9.1 million carats, exploited by 12 mining companies.

Source: Angop

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