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Cellulant unveils Agrikore risk review, focused on the Impact of COVID-19 on Africa’s Food Security

Cellulant has launched the first edition of its white paper – Agrikore Risk Review. It is focused on the impact of COVID-19 on food security in Africa. It answers the question of how Africa can scale its agricultural sector through agritech.

The African agricultural sector, like every other sector, is experiencing the devastating impact of the pandemic. Farmers are finding it more difficult to connect with the final consumer because of a link break in the value chain.

This hit hard on millions of small-scale farmers that have not caught up with the technology bug. The restriction on commercial and social activities has affected the local food distribution triangle between producers, logistics companies, and consumers.

Cellulant is a pan-African fintech company that provides a marketplace for connecting agro stakeholders in Africa. It offers a payment product that reduces the cost of B2B trade. Its Agrikore Risk Review will be published quarterly to proffer viable solutions. It is targeted at the key agro stakeholders, including investors, financial institutions, research institutions, and the government. The quarterly review aims to spur solutions among those who make up the core value chain.

The Review purposes that the government should partner with the private sector to mitigate a potential food crisis. These measures include supporting the delivery of fresh food products using digital platforms, providing grants to local farmers to help them meet food demands, and reducing the cost of trade-related transactions. It also addressed the locust outbreak in East Africa and preventive measures for a budding food crisis.

Source: Tech Gist Africa

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