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Angola fishing support centre starts in July

The fishing support centre under construction since March 2018 in the municipality of Nzeto, Zaire province, will be operational from the second half of this year.

The entry into activities of the centre will allow local artisanal fishermen to process fish under appropriate hygienic conditions, when they are currently doing so on the seashore.

A source from the company “CSN-Santiago Neto”, which has been carrying out the works since March 2018, assured Angop that the works are in the final phase, with 90% of physical execution, and the infrastructure should be delivered in the advanced period.

The centre is located near the local fishing port and has areas for landing, cleaning, processing and packing of fish with a capacity of over 50 processors, an ice factory, two medium size refrigerators, a boat repair shop.

It also has a compartment that will serve as a shop for the sale of fishing equipment, changing rooms, administrative offices and an area for parking cars.

The construction of this fishing infrastructure is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, within the scope of the Support Programme for Artisanal Fisheries.

Speaking to Angop, António Seca, vice-president of the Nzeto Artisanal Fishermen’s Association, said he believed the centre would dignify the activity and put an end to the disorder and lack of hygiene that are currently registered in the processing and sale of fish at the local port.

Source: Angop

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