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Why Ethiopian coffee is the world’s sweetest

Where would I find the best coffee the African continent? This is a question coffee lovers ponder about and the plain truth is; it is just difficult to single out a specific place because different countries have different methods of brewing coffee.

Nonetheless, a few picks are on the table and with them, Ethiopia will always top the list. Here, coffee is just more than a beverage; it is a culture that every Ethiopian grows up with and passes on to generations.

Ethiopia is fondly referred to as the “birthplace of coffee” in the continent and it deserves this title by every measure. Ethiopia is one of the world’s largest producer of coffee. It produces about 5 percent of the coffee consumed in the world. Sidamo, Oroima (formerly Harrar region) and Kaffa highlands are lined up with vast coffee plantations.

About 15 million people in Ethiopia earn a livelihood from coffee farming, a figure that plainly and firmly tells how serous coffee business in this East African nation.  The fancy coffee-growing regions with, somewhat flirtiest names notwithstanding, Ethiopia’s coffee sweetness lies in its preparation. The heavy-bodied Ethiopian coffee with an inviting fragrance and spicy is a top seller. Just to describe its taste, it is fruity, winey and has a faint acidity undertone which makes it even intense once it is poured in your cup.

Its aroma blows your mind away in just an instant and you get soaked in so fast. A coffee enthusiast will tell you that authentic Harrar coffee will have you gulping down a mix of cinnamon cardamom, blueberry jam, apricots, compote flavours and the finishing is perfectly smooth.

Besides being a symbol of the Ethiopian culture, it has promoted food tourism in the country both at the domestic and international level. Restaurants within Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital and outside the capital treat coffee lovers to unique tastes of Ethiopian Coffee Arabica.

Tomoca Coffee, a reputable coffee shops in Addis Ababa is a household name in Ethiopia and beyond. It has six branches in the city and one in Tokyo, Japan. Others reputable coffee shops are Alem Buna, The Chohe Café, and Café at The Ethnological Museum.


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  1. It is for a reason we say #Ethiopia is the birth place for cofee. It is is not just about where it was dicovered the first time, it is also how Ethiopia grows it in to a product of choice. It is only some one who has experienced it first hand can tell the difference in Ethiopian coffee! Take a Visit to Ethiopia and Witness it yourself!

    Thank you for putting it together and sharing it here.

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