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Angola invests in Tourism, Agriculture development

The Provincial Government of Cuando Cubango is committed to the development of the Tourism, Agriculture and Fisheries sectors, to make the region one of the country’s benchmarks in these areas.

These statements were made to the press by the provincial governor of Cuando Cubango, Júlio Bessa, while visiting the commune of Missombo, having said that for the implementation of this plan there are development projects in the areas of Tourism, Agriculture and Fisheries.

He made it known that agricultural fields are being opened for large-scale cultivation of corn, beans, garlic, among other products, as well as expanding the project of fish farming in tanks.

Júlio Bessa visited the larviculture centre which has 32 ponds for fish breeding, 25 of which are in the experimental phase.

Each pond has more than 20,000 fish, with a production forecast of seven tons from October onwards, whose fish will be sold frozen or live.

Larviculture centre administrator Benito Muhinto said that the aim of the programme is to increase fish production capacity in Cuando Cubango province for consumption by the local population and for export.

He said that the centre plans to install a fish pond for each municipality in Cuando Cubango in the near future.

The Missombo larviculture centre has a factory for freezing and packing fish, as well as a machine with capacity to produce three tonnes/day of fish feed.

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