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Bank of Angola spends over US$43M buying treasury bonds

The National Bank of Angola (BNA) spent until June 5, Akz 26.1B (US$43.6M) on the purchase of treasury bonds from 41 companies.

The acquisition process, which was carried out under Instructions no. 06 and no. 09 of 2020, allowed the purchase of 65 treasury bonds at the trading platform of the Angola Securities Exchange (Bodiva).

Several commercial banks took part in the process, namely BFA leading the list by applying Akz 12.7B, bank Atlântico Akz 2.3B and BAI with Akz 2.9B as well as many other private banks.

With the disbursement of more than Akz 26B in June, Akz 5.73B remain kept as part of the economic relief measures.

The BNA, in information made available on its website, mentions that during the week of June 1 – 5, the commercial banks used the Overnight Liquidity Facility, with a daily average of Akz 25B.

In the same period, commercial banks carried out 57 lending and borrowing operations in the interbank market totalling Akz 195B.

According to the information, the operations were carried out at an average interest rate of 15.50 percent per year.

Source: Angop

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