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Agriculture: The peanut you think you know

When I ventured into the peanut business as a way of advocating healthy snacking I thought to myself, “Mary sure you not making a mistake”? “but my instincts cannot mislead me” I replied emphatically!

Just few months into my research, It felt like I hit the jackpot, I knew then that I wasn’t jinxed by my instincts!!!!
Peanuts is what I call my new passion and it’s golden benefits are beginning to speak for itself all over the globe.
Tell me what you know about peanuts??  Yeah you!!

I bet, you’d say it’s used to sip Garri  (saviour to Naija Students) Or maybe used to eat bread (sandwich). I personally made over 10 recipes using “PEANUTS” It’s my new favorite and I tagged it “SUSTAINABILITY NOW“. Peanuts are nutritious, versatile and affordable food. In addition to all these, it is deemed an excellent contributor to environmental sustainability! The world currently revolves around this fourteen words.

Everything about peanuts; its roots, shells, hulls can be efficiently utilized which makes them Zero waste.
They also posses a very unique ability to improve the soil as they are nitrogen fixers, I.e they leverage on Nitrogen from the air and produce their own in the ground, serving as a benefit to other crops . They refuel the soil allowing farmers to use less fertilizers for other crops planted on the same plot. Into the YUMMY chapter.

Aside being a symbol of sustainability, peanuts can be used as a one size fits all recipe, it’s versatility is first to none. Because of it’s low glycemic index and richness in mono- unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) it is an excellent food source and highly recommended for patients who are diabetic and obese as it manages blood sugar and weight.

West African peanut soup is warm, nourishing and full of flavour which makes it a perfect delicacy any season of the year. Coated peanuts snacks comes in different taste and flavours. It can be coated with wheat flour, honey, caramel, chocolate and spiced to your taste. I’d be sharing in more info in subsequent articles.
Watch this space!

Mary Asanga


  1. You left out the important role of George Washington Carver who revolitionised the use of peanuts in the US; one of the most imporant African-American scientists in US history.

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