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Botswana’s Chobe National Park beauty is charmingly inviting

The diversity of Chobe National Park in Botswana paints a picture of a country greatly endowed in tourism.

With its abundance of wildlife and lush vegetation across the park, it remains on top of the charts and a preferred destination for wanderlusts in South Africa.

Kasane town in the northeastern part of Botswana is home to this prestigious park. In this town, Chobe safaris are popular for visitors due to fascinating game views and its lush vegetation supported by the presence of waterways flowing through the park. A safari at the park begins at crocodile and hippo infested Chobe River. Large herds of African elephants come here every day to drink water.

The boat ride is cheap and a great way to relax as you watch different wild animals at the park. On a good day, you will sight a lion strolling in the park. The river safari goes down the stream where more of nature’s wilderness can be seen hunting and hippos return to the river after a night of grazing. More wild animals are seen at sunrise, meaning the boat ride starts early in the morning and into late afternoon.

A trekking escapade through the park’s established tracks with acacia trees and bushes is a good experience. Sometimes, elephants are seen at a distance as they feed on the bushes. For relaxation after an eventful boat ride at Chobe River, sundowner cocktails, massage or monkey viewing at the riversides lodges awaits.

Botswana from the air offers you insights on this fantastic wilderness. Therefore, the lodges have been carefully selected to provide you with the romantic escape that you deserve. Experience the wildlife of Botswana with the luxuries and comforts of exclusive lodge accommodation.

All the selected lodges on romantic Botswana offers fully inclusive activities. You can choose the times and activities according to your schedule. Once you have joined this safari package, you can relax and indulge in the African bush hospitality.


* photo by andBeyond
* video by Safari365

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