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Angola Agrarian Institute encourages farmers to adhere to mechanised means

The deputy director-general of the Agrarian Development Institute (IDA) for the technical area, Tarciso João Baptista, encouraged the associated farmers to join the project of Mechanized Brigade of Agricultural Equipment for Harvesting, in order to minimize physical effort and increase productivity.

The project was launched in 2019 by IDA and the Ministry of Agriculture, to provide access to intermediate technologies and small technological innovation equipment at fair prices by peasant families, among other aims.

Streamlining the process of rural trade and provision of small agricultural equipment in rural areas, gradual replacement of manual means by intermediate technology and small technological innovation equipment, are other purposes of the project.

The official, who was speaking during a demonstration of the equipment to local producers, said that they make a lot of physical effort and carry out very painful activities in their productive activity, with low incomes.

He added that, depending on the areas of activities, if the farmers choose mechanized means, they will have greater possibility of increased income.

As an example, he said that if the farmer had to manually thresh corn in 30 minutes, with the equipment that will take only two minutes.

Among the equipment are included those for the management of cultivated fields (hand pickers, back sprayers), harvest and post-harvest (hand harvesters and harvesters, grain breakers and husks and grain baggers).

“Interested parties should go to the Agrarian Development Stations. These gather the process for the IDA Provincial Department, which forwards it to Luanda. The institute is only the facilitator, makes the disclosure and negotiates with the entrepreneurs the way workers are reimbursed”, he stressed.

The director of the Provincial Office of Farming and Fisheries of Huíla, Mariana Soma, stressed that the project allows farmers’ greater convenience in processing production and minimizes post-harvest losses.

He said that technology adds value to work, an opportunity for families to be able to carry out the harvest in a short time, bagging production and better store the remains of the harvest to take advantage of the consumption of livestock or for organic fertilization.

In addition to Huíla, the IDA team has already visited the provinces of Cuanza Sul, Bié and Huambo, where the project for the Mechanized Brigade for Agricultural Equipment for Harvesting has also been presented.

Source: Angop

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