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Food products: Mozambique wants to maintain import levels

Mozambique’s Minister of Industry and Commerce (MIC), Carlos Mesquita, has urged economic agents to maintain current levels of imports, in order to guarantee food security, while noting that the country still has enough in stock to supply the market for about four months, depending on the province and product.

Carlos Mesquita was speaking in Matola, Maputo province, in the scope of monitoring coronavirus countermeasure compliance in commercial establishments.

“We want industries and commerce to work, because if is from this whole organisation that we source the necessary reserves to continue to guarantee the import of raw materials, some of them basic necessities like wheat, and continue to lead normal lives here,” he said.

The minister is concerned that the coronavirus epidemic will result in the weakening of the level of imports, mainly of foods that make up the basic basket of necessities

Source: Noticias / Rádio Moçambique via Club of Mozambique

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