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Women entrepreneurship: Walking Tall

The journey of the entrepreneur and passion, that thing that makes you happy when you do it without being paid.

My journey as an entrepreneur was never easy, but it was all worth it, when I got to realize that it was not for me alone but that other people’s destinies were dependent on me, I had to carry on and not give up.

When I passed my matric, it was exciting to go to university and get to graduate as a Bachelor of Technology in Marketing. That was a proud moment. So it was to get a job in the circular world, working and enjoying a salary every month, and yet I was not satisfied. It felt like something was lacking on the inside. I finally made a decision and resigned my job to start a fish farming project, which no one was willing to fund because people simply didn’t understand it.

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Giving up was not an option, so I started a new project of processing cashew nuts and selling them. The main challenges came from the fact that I didn’t own the processing factory. One day an idea popped up, use the indigenous roots, get others along, get people to snack healthy. Wow! It was a “light bulb switching on” moment.

I continued to walk tall, still pursuing my dreams of touching other people’s lives while doing what I loved. Passion and purpose kept me walking tall, despite the challenges, I had a reason to carry on, with no salary but I still pushed on passion alone. It shall pay off. Never give up! Keep on walking tall!

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