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Mozambique to allocate US$240M COVID19 relief fund

Mozambican government plans to disburse US$240M to support families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, said Vasco Nhabinde, Director of Economic and Financial Studies under the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Speaking in Maputo province at the national Scientific Conference on COVID-19 via video link, Nhabinde said to support the families affected by COVID-19, the government needs a total of US$700M.

If there are more resources mobilised, it will be a significant help for the most vulnerable families, he said.

“We used a model from the Ministry of Economy and Finance to first identify the most vulnerable districts with the multidimensional poverty index, which allowed us to follow a top-down approach to identify the affected families,” he said.

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Food insecurity recorded two years ago due to climate change and terrorism in the northern and central regions has worsened this year with the impact of COVID-19, said the director.

It is not yet clear how many Mozambicans are in the situation of food insecurity, said Nhabinde, and the research result will be released soon.

Support for families affected by COVID-19 will be channelled through the National Institute of Social Action

Source: Xinhua via Club of Mozambique

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