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11 African countries to be allowed to enter the EU

Mozambique, Angola, Namibia, Ethiopia, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

These are the African countries set to be allowed to enter the EU territory as the borders reopen in July, according to a draft list of the countries obtained and reported by euronews. (link removed as it was updated by euronews)

As the European Union gets ready to reopen its borders, officials in Brussels are debating behind closed doors, the draft of two lists; one with those countries that will be accepted, and one for those which will not, as the territory struggle to meet their previously announced July 1st goal.


The euronews sources also reported that officials “could not reach an agreement”, that talks would continue and that the deadline to open the borders may very well be extended beyond July 1st, suggesting agreements will not be forthcoming in time.

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Notably, Brazil, Qatar, the US and Russia were not on the approved list while UK nationals still have the same rights as EU citizens, as the end of Brexit transition is not until the end of the year.


  1. Why ever Not Botswana!! It has one of the lowest rates of infection in Africa…. And yes it borders the danger zone, S. Africa, but so does Namibia, our twin country. And what about Egypt, it has the second highest infection rate on the continent….. So why leave us out….. What’s the criteria for inclusion

    1. The criteria for inclusion is that they are choosing countries that have agreed to open their boarders to international and tourist travel and have shown that they are able to handle and take measures to ensure that people are checked at points of entry and good measures are taken into consideration for tourists and visiters coming into the country

      1. Tanzania has opened its border for international Travelers and domestic not only that but also is safe but not on the list 🙂

    2. Botswana is waiting for her brother southafrica to start first.. i think we copy a lot from Southafrica

      1. That’s where your problem is, you copy too much, and you think anything from South Africa makes sense.

      2. So, according to you, a country appoints itself and inform EU that I’m ready for travel to the European union countries? I don’t understand what you mean by Botswana waiting for South Africa? Maybe explain so that it makes sense?

    3. maybe because our direct flights to Europe are through South Africa which is highly affected by COVID 19 as of now.

  2. Hello it’s a very shameful for me zat I call myself an African living in MAURITIUS n my republic have win z first battle àgainst z corona virus we got about 350 cases we already back from CONFINEMENT since 3weeks and no more case locally
    But y not my country is not in dat famous list….strange very strange of course

  3. A good list without Nigeria is no list. Nigeria should be the first to be allowed into the EU

  4. why will EU not include Nigeria in the list hmm although i know the cause….our inactive president and the failed NCDC(Nigeria center for diseases control)they will never tell the world the truth hmm i wept for my dear country….God why bring me into this useless country called Nigeria.

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