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Tanzania auto sector attracting investment – Interview

Amid strong demand for automotive vehicles, several domestic and foreign manufacturers are planning to expand their production bases in Tanzania. Government of Tanzania also prioritizes the automotive segment as a key revenue generator and is encouraging flow of FDIs in automotive industry.

Tanzania is one of the most promising and fastest-growing automobile markets in the region. Tanzania automobile industry is supported by multiple factors such as labour availability, R&D efforts, geographic advantage and government support.

With positive outlook for economy and greater household purchasing power, the automobile sales in the country are set to witness strong surge in sales.

Meet Mr. Edwin Mac Temba the CEO of Mac Auto Express Garage in Dar es Salaam. He gives The Exchange an exclusive breakdown of how the subsector is performing, how it survived during the coronavirus outbreak and how it is recovering as well as what the future holds.

(Photo courtesy of Mac Garage)

1. Please give us a brief history of your professional time in the automobile serving industry.

My name is Mac Temba also famously known as Daktari wa Magari. I have been in the automotive industry over 10years, by professional am a Marketer also with Bsc in Human Resources management from Institute of Social Work -Dar es Salaam. The passion to cars led me to be in this field so that I was curious in learning and trying to solve clients demands in Auto Accessories and car upgrades n decorations.

2. The Vehicle Doctor (Daktari wa Magari), what drove you to set up Mac Garage instead of any other investment

After doing research I found out that this field is having a big potential but locals are not investing to this field garage facilities with standards to cater all clients high and low classes. Also I wanted to show people that even we locals can have a better garage with class and be able to serve the top clients with technology and modern ways. Also we aimed in showing people that even locals can invest and have modern facilities garage to serve clients.

3. What services are offered at Mac Garage

We are a full-time Automotive garage deals with Painting, panel beating, body works repairs, Auto services(Air conditioning repairs + Oil change+Auto diagnosis) as well as Interior & Exterior solutions for all vehicles. We are working 24hrs to serve you better as well as mobile services 24/7.

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4. What makes Mac Garage unique from other garages

We serve customers in 24hrs together with the best customer support 24hrs,We are Problem Solvers Experts so always clients gets more than expectations. Also our garage is most secured with all modern security facilities to make clients cars safe 24/7.

5. It is now a modern world of technology what modern techniques and equipment are offered at Mac Garage

In this era of technology in Mac Auto Xpress Garage we offer all the latest solutions for all modern cars both Europeans and Japanese in Auto diagnosis as well as modern ways of fixing its faults by using modern devices and machines.

We are now in final stages of developing both android and Ios app which will assist clients to report accidents and book our services easily via mobile and we will be able to serve them better.

6. Many people fear the price of specialized garages and chose to use informal mechanics what are the dangers of this and…

The danger is the informal mechanics are not having the right machines to identify the fault, so by guessing they will make that car in bad condition and makes it not be in good way.

7. Are your pricing favorable to Tanzania’s middle class

Yes, our Garage is serving both classes, we have all options and our prices are friendly which makes our customers prefer us all the time.

8. Insurance processing in the event of an accident is an issue how does Mac Garage assist clients

In Mac Auto Express Garage we are working with all insurance companies in accidents issues with their customers, and also we do advice and offer assistance on how to file claims to clients during accident and we offer extra services like Breakdown/Towing during accident.

9. All businesses were affected by the coronavirus how did Mac Garage survive and what are you doing to keep your business going

Yes Corona affects a bit our business because we deal with cars and during the corona crisis most of our clients were at home and working from home, so the business was a bit low but we had to introduce the pick n service mode whereby our drivers were going to take cars from clients homes and bring to garage for services and later we return to clients. Also we had to introduce mobile services to clients so that to maintain our market share. But all these were done by following all safety measures advised by Ministry of health and in our garage all workers and guests were following those precautions as well.

10. Are there any legal issues that the automobile servicing industry are facing that you would like the government to address

We want the government to implement an automotive industry business blueprint which will assist local business to have smooth growth and also to reduce a lot of fees which are being charged which gravely affects business growth.

Source: The Exchange

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