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Sustainable food system from a biochemical view

“Congratulations you have been offered provisional admission ( relatable to my co-Nigerians) into the University of Uyo for a degree program leading to the award of B.Sc in BIOCHEMISTRY!!!”

This was my fate few years ago!
Did i ever have biochemistry as a first choice?

Aha!! you absolutely guessed right!! NAH.

Did I decline the offer, eyes rolling!! Definitely not.

5 years down, It all started to make sense, Now i am able to connect the dots looking backwards.
During my undergrad days, I fell in love with the principles of “SUSTAINABILITY”
But what’s the link between biochemistry and sustainability?

The roles of biochemistry towards a sustainable food system is as inherent as the need to feed in order to survive.

Personally I find it very necessary to over emphasize the growing need of food biochemistry in the field of food science.
Biochemistry gives me an in-depth understanding of the occurrent chemical changes in food as it moves from farm to fork, i.e biochemistry is an important actor across all the phase that makes up the food chain.


Ensuring a sustainable food system, involves the development of acceptable food which is dependent on careful analysis of the biochemical changes that each edible plants and animals undergo.
Natural changes induced during food production or through mechanical damage can significantly alter the quality of the food and adds to the ever increasing figures of food loss.
Can this alterations in the quality of food be contained? Absolutely!!
This can be attained through in depth knowledge of the raw materials and the chemical reactions involved.
Let’s start with how enzymes, present in raw materials influences the functional and nutritional features of the final product.

During the process of preparing a meal, certain ingredients are required to enhance taste and palatability, similarly enzymatic activities of proteases in the production of baked food regulate the gluten strength in bread and improves its texture and flavour.
Biochemistry also elaborates on the diverse microorganisms connected in the degradation of fats and oils, carbohydrates, proteins, each having its specific biochemical reactions .

Summary of Sustainable food system from a biochemical point of view.

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  1. Amazing insights dear.
    Thanks a lot for creating the interwoven nature of biochemistry even in the food industries.
    Indeed, the course is a vast field that it’s potentials still remain untapped but I am glad and influenced to see you apply the knowledge you’ve gained thus far in biochemistry.
    Congratulations dear

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