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Mozambique Minister of Industry and Commerce visits Beluluane Industrial Park

The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Carlos Mesquita, this Wednesday will be paying a working visit to the Beluluane Industrial Park in Maputo province, in the scope of monitoring the degree of implementation of the government’s 2020-2024 Five-Year Programme.

The visit aims to evaluate the performance of the Beluluane Industrial Park, which was created in 2000 in a public-private partnership between the Agency for the Promotion of Investment and Exports (APIEX) and Swiss-Mozambican investors.

The park currently houses around 40 companies. The Minister of Industry and Commerce will visit nine firms – Duys, Dendustri, Capital Star Steel, Engeproject, Midal, MOZAL, Beleza, Matola Gas Company and Belutécnica.

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The minister will also visit other industrial units located in the province and city of Maputo, with the focus on agro-processing and industrialisation; stock levels of existing raw materials and finished products; assessing the difficulties and constraints on the development performance of the province and the city in the field of industry and trade; and the level of application of State of Emergency measures and the constraints faced by establishments during this period.

Source: O País via Club of Mozambique

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