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Mozambique to focus on developing its full aquaculture potential

A new project recently passed by the Mozambican Government will aim towards the revitalisation of the country’s underutilised aquaculture industry. With an expected investment of MZN 56B until 2030, it presupposes the creation of over 350 thousand jobs, with an expected potential aquaculture production of 4 million tonnes on the horizon.

As a means of comparison, aquaculture-related fish products amounted, in 2019, to a meagre 3 thousand tonnes.

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Currently, Mozambique actually imports over 80 thousand tonnes of fish products, to supplement national production.
Verónica Namashulua, Director-general of the National Institute for the Development of Fisheries and Aquaculture, said that MZN 3B have already been allocated to the project and that credit lines will be created to support the industry’s development.

The main focus, in terms of aquaculture production, will be crabs, some molluscs and tilapia fish for internal consumption, and the main export is expected to be world-renowned Mozambican prawns.

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