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Mozambique’s Maputo Cement: plant begins production in September

The production of cement for civil construction will start at the Salamanga factory in Maputo in September.

Work, including the assembly of equipment, is currently nearing completion at the Matutuine district plant.

After a hiatus of more than 10 years, the construction of the country’s largest cement factory has resumed, and will shortly be 90% complete.

With a capacity to produce up to 5,000 tons of cement per day, the factory is in an advanced stage of construction, with completion works currently taking place, including the assembly of equipment.

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The Minister of Industry and Commerce visited the works on Thursday and learned that the new plant will have a coal-fired power plant able to generate 36 megawatts of electricity.

All the raw material to be used on the manufacture of cement will be purchased locally. About 400 Mozambicans are currently working on the project.

The new plant is nearing completion at a time when the market is suffering from a shortage of cement, which sometimes leads to price speculation.

The plant represents an investment of just over US$330M.

Source: TVM via CLub of Mozambique

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