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Weekend: It’s Sweet but It’s Potato, how Awesome

Sweet potatoes are natural sweet roots that God blessed us with. They have variety but they are all sweet and full of texture.

In Zululand the Northern part of kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa. It’s the home to dry texture sweet potatoes. They are grown traditional, the farmers in the area are small holder farmers,
they use live stock manure to make the soil fertile.

What an experience when you work with these sweet potatoes in the kitchen!
You peel it, it releases a stick dry nature on your hands, it looks powdery on its raw flesh.
When you boil its sweet, dry and full of taste. It’s flesh is thick.

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Wow! What a good indulgence! It goes well with your stews, Greenleaf vegetables. Sweet potatoes are awesome! It’s filling too, sweet potatoes are awesome.

Did you know that sweet potatoes makes a good flour for gluten free bread, cakes, waffles etc. Sweet potatoes are low GI and easily digestible. Light starch is good for your gut.

What a beautiful discovery, for many years we have not been processing these good roots.
It’s Sweet Potato time, let’s indulge in and get healthy. Sweet potato but can make savory, wow! That’s amazing is in it? Let’s love our body and eat what is good for it hey!

Sweet potatoes are awesome!

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