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Weekend: My favourite Namibian voice is back – With Love

It’s been a while since we use our weekend section to talk about music.

In fact since Lima’s Mozambican Voices series back in 2018 we have not seem much melody on our platform and I’m not particularly known for sharing my playlist. However I could not let the upcoming release of a new album go unnoticed.

With Love, by my dear friend and favorite Namibian voice M L is poised to be at the top of my playlist. This is her third album and it introduces her signature sound with her sensational voice to the African music spectrum.

The queen of Shambo Pop as she is known in Namibia, which is pop music in her vernacular mother tongue OshiwamboWith Love is flavourfully African – mixing genres of Afro beats, Shambo Pop (Oshiwambo pop) and bongo flavour music.

Ok, I confess! Oshiwambo is not one of the language I understand (yet). I’m still working on my Swahili and I am ashamed of how few words I know in Tsonga, nevertheless her sounds have been soothing my soundtrack for quite sometime now.

The album is live, alive, boldly African and proud. Every track on the album serves a purpose. True to her Pan African philosophy, M L brings together Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa and Angola. The track ‘Let Me Go’, is an excellent collaboration and the cherry on the cream. Featuring Tanzania’s ‘Washa’ hit maker Barnaba, the duo are a perfect match, serving a flavourful concoction of English and Swahili.

The album will be out this coming week (July 24th) and you can order it at Apple  iTunes, Google Play and most digital platforms worldwide.

Happy listening! (or should I say Pwilikina nohole!)

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