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Angola Central Bank buys over £130M in treasury bonds

At least AKZ 6.4B is what has been left from the overall AKZ 100B the National Bank of Angola (BNA) had approved for the purchase of government bonds from companies, reads the note from the BNA that reached ANGOP on Tuesday.

According to the Central Bank, the BNA has carried out 139 operations for the purchase of Treasury Bonds in BODIVA’s trading platform for purchase of securities from 80 companies.

In these operations, the Central Bank disbursed a total of AKZ 93.5B being the processing of the proceedings of the entities concerned carried out through a total of 13 commercial banks.

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Following the State of Emergency decreed on 26 March, the National Bank of Angola considered it appropriate to implement measures to enable small and medium-sized companies to transform certain Treasury Bonds in their balance sheets into immediate liquidity, thus facilitating their cash management during this period of less activity.

Source: Angop

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