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Weekend: In the Midst of Disruption Innovation is Birth!

Through tough times we are stretched, when we go through hard times our strength is released.

They say, the strength of the teabag is released in boiling or hot water. Potatoes are hard when raw but when they are boiled they get soft contrary to the egg, it’s soft raw but hard when it’s boiled what an irony!

Hard times are hurdles to enhance the strength within us, they help us to expand our inner capacity. When we go through hardship or hard times we are molded and the inner beauty shines out # the gold goes through fire to shine like sunrises in the morning. Empathy is developed, mind set get to be shifted, point of view widens and you become open to new ideas and review life differently.

As we are going through the global pandemic COVID-19 as entrepreneurs, new ideas will be born and new employment will be created through those ideas. New and better lifestyle will be adopted, it will be a new world. The are disruptions that have to happen so that, there will be birth of new life, new ideas and to redirect our focus and live in the better world.

Disruption expands our capabilities, Disruption ignites our thinking, Disruption propel love, Disruption helps us to be better! Things are getting better in the midst of all!

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