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ONEE to construct new wastewater treatment plant in Tarfaya, Morocco

The National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable (ONEE) has awarded Biwater a contract to design and construct a new wastewater treatment plant in the coastal town of Tarfaya in Southern Morocco.

The design and construction contract is already underway with earthworks in progress. Biwater’s team are providing a fast-track construction programme to reduce the ecological impact of raw sewage along the coast.

According to Yassine Laib, Biwater’s Country Manager for Morocco, this project is part of the country’s efforts to clean the coast of Tarfaya and protect the environment from the effects of wastewater discharged. “The project will use treatment processes to meet the people’s need for wastewater treatment in this region,” he said.

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The new facility
The new facility will provide pre-treatment, biological treatment and advanced tertiary treatment, including ultraviolet disinfection and sludge dewatering. The drying beds will be designed to reduce the sewage sludge to dry solids content, which will be safely transferred off site for its disposal.

Following construction, Biwater will provide 12 months of operational assistance and maintenance to the local workforce.

“After the successful commissioning of similar projects in Tamuda Bay, Khenifra, Aourir and Boukhalef, we are proud to continue our long-standing work to improve sanitation conditions for all across Morocco. Biwater therefore looks forward to delivering another turn-key solution that will serve the residents of Tarfaya and support the clean-up of its coastline,” added Mr. Laib.

Under a separate contract with ONEE, Biwater are currently constructing Laâyoune’s main wastewater treatment plant, which is nearing completion. This facility will include a solar sludge drying greenhouse that will sustainably dry the effluent sludge produced as a byproduct from the wastewater treatment plant.

Source: Construction Review Online

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