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Weekend: Cauliflower is versatile

Its white and rough, it’s flesh it’s white and goes well with different types of meat but on its own it’s yummy.

Did you know that you can make bread, cakes, savoury patties with cauliflower? It’s such a versatile vegetable. It can make stiff pap #Africa staple food. For those who like to eat less carbohydrate, it can substitute many kinds of carbs and it’s low in calories.

One can roast, boil, steam or stir-fry cauliflower and it’s easy to get. It grows all the year long. It’s found around the globe, eating more of this beautiful vegetable can keep the doctor away. It’s suitable for the diabetic; it’s easy to digest.

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Do you want to have a light filing dinner? Substitute you’re your carbs with cauliflower it’s only 25 calories. It has a beautiful taste; it’s nutty, sweet and crunchy when steamed while soft when cooked with stews. Cauliflower is rich in vitamins; richer in vitamins, folate and it is a great source of fiber.
Fiber is very good for the digestion.

Imagine having cauliflower bread in the morning, afternoon sugar free cauliflower cup cake how Awesome! Taking care of your gut by just eating what is good for it, how wonderful.

Cauliflower is good.

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