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Ethiopia plants 4.1 billion trees

Green Legacy: Ethiopia way ahead of the game, planting over 4.1 billion trees so far this year.

Ethiopia has so far planted over 4.1 billion trees as part of the Green Legacy, a flagship policy of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed campaign for this year. On Sunday, Ethiopians including the PM and family were out planting again.

The projected number of trees to be planted nationwide for this year (i.e 2012 Ethiopian year) is five billion.

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Abiy Ahmed has expressed his government’s intention to link tree planting with the job creation agenda. He also wants it to be a key part of the Ethiopian culture to ensure “agricultural and urban development,” as reported by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

“Addis Ababans came out today from all parts to meet the Green Legacy challenge. We’re halfway through the planting season and I commend you for rising to what the next generation demands of you. I encourage all throughout the country to exceed the goal set. We can do it together!” PM Abiy Ahmed.

A lesson all African countries should follow.

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