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Tanzania bans use of social media for protests

The Tanzanian government has banned the use of social media as a tool for organizing, planning and supporting protests.

Under the new legislation, organising, planning or even supporting any form of demonstration online is now illegal.

The Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations 2020, which were published on July 17 and approved by Tanzanian Information Minister Harrison Mwakyembe, have recently been made public, The Citizen reported.

“Contents that are involved in planning, organising, promoting and calling for demonstrations, marches or the like that would lead to public disorder are prohibited,” the new regulations state.

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Publishing content on topics such as sexuality, personal privacy, public security, public safety, religion and false or misleading information, information about Covid-19 is also prohibited under the new regulations.

Activists in Tanzania say new rules that restrict online content are infringing on people’s freedom of expression.

Meanwhile , Zimbabweans have taken it to Twitter condemning the use of military force and arrests, calling for the Zimbabwean government to respect human rights using the hashtag #Zimbabweanlivesmatter.

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