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Resilience – The character of African entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is what Africa needs right now. Africa needs those who would put ideas into implementation and make things happen.

It has never been an easy road but it’s doable. It takes courage, endurance, passion and believing in yourself.

It’s all about solving problems, Africa it’s all about taking charge and bring about solutions into our communities. It’s all about thinking about generations yet unborn. Let’s ponder, deliberate, challenge our minds about all diverse challenges we are facing and how we can solve these.

When one idea fails, it was a lesson learnt, when the usual ways don’t work it calls for rethinking, pondering and God will give wisdom. It’s all about thinking what next to do in the current situation, giving up is not an option. We are all able to think and strategise, let’s plan and pivot our business when the challenge is up on us.

It takes courage to see and take opportunities that the world brings to us, therefore let’s stand and not fall. Let’s take up on the current challenges we are facing and make things work. Will you sleep a peaceful sleep in the midst of the storm? No way let’s find stability and show resilience through new ideas and go back to the drawing board plan and implement. Certainly our lives will be better our communities will thrive again, the entrepreneurship spirit will inspire you.

It’s our time to get to work, it’s our time to show our creativity!

Resilience is the entrepreneur’ character.

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