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Consequences of a fragmented ESG on Nigeria’s food system

The looming state of Nigeria’s food system is the ultimate consequence of her present ESG, birthing an increasing human demand and decreasing resources.

The number of chronically undernourished people in Nigeria was estimated to be over 25million in FAO’s latest assessment. And it is no news that access to food is primarily determined by incomes, food prices, availability and the ability for households and individuals to obtain access to social support.
With 37.32% of arable land recorded in 2016 which should cause one to expect a thriving agro food system, yet hunger today represents 14.7% of Nigeria’s total population showing no progress towards halving the target set.

My recent study about ESG made me understand the many facets involved when measuring performances across agri- food systems. It also paints a broader perspective on ESG’ capability to integrate a unique approach in analysing sustainability dimensions as a whole, and the major challenges that comes with incorporating these strategies into the Food-Agri sector for development .

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Below are my take home opinions towards attaining, harmonising, and transforming the food value Chain with a long term objective of achieving sustainable processing, distribution, storage and marketing of food and agricultural goods.

  1. Leveraging on the strength, Weaknesses, opportunities and threats that cuts across the food value chain.
  2. Coordinating sustainable farming practices such as regenerative farming to aid record successful environmental governance on public goods ( Agro biodiversity and food safety)
  3.  Providing a transparent and aggregate frame work across all processes involved in the Agri-food systems.
    These and many other sustainable approaches would uniquely contribute towards achieving a sustainable food system across Nigeria.

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  1. Yes you are correct but you forgot one very NB vertent to this. We also need to pray.. Pray for good governance and of course rain

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