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Angola AIPEX CEO stresses foreign investment

The external investment plays important role in raising the foreign exchange in the country, the Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (AIPEX) CEO, António Henriques da Silva said Thursday.

António Henriques da Silva said so at the opening ceremony of the first Seminar on Agreements for the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investment (APPRI).

The manager also stressed the importance of investment in creation of job which, according to him, ensures the integration of the local companies into value chain of international trade.

After stressing the benefit of the foreign investment for the recipient country, the manager also spoke of the downside if the country fails to put in place the goals and strategies that help reduce as far as possible the factors harmful to sovereignty and security.

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Meanwhile, he said, the APPRI plays a key role not only in protecting foreign investment, but also contribute to sustainable development of the country.

António Henriques da Silva considered APPRI between exporting and importing countries one of the legal instruments that ensures trust among the international investors.

He said that the bilateral agreement demonstrate to international investor the existence of a legal mechanisms and security to make investments.

On the other hand, they (bilateral agreements) allow the investments to contribute to the economic and social development in the country.

The participants in the event were informed on bilateral instruments which includes binding measures that enable the creation of more favorable conditions for foreign investments.

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