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EAC introduces COVID19 certificate for border crossing

The East African Community bloc is scheduled on Friday to launch a Covid-19 certificate that is going to help in easing movements across borders.

According to the EAC secretariat, the new system is launching at border points of Malaba, Rusumo, and Kobero today (Friday), while at Mutukula crossing point and Namanga it will be implemented on August 14 and 21 respectively.

Regional experts say that some people have been forging Covid-19 certificates but the new system will curb the use of fake certificates.

Kenya said the new precautionary measures laid down are meant to stop the spread of Covid-19 along transport corridors after Busia County emerged as the virus hotspot.

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“Truck drivers use fake certificates to cross to neighbouring countries and into Kenya. It is also designed to ensure that truck drivers follow laid down protocols that include taking Covid-19 tests at the point of departure, 48 hours before the commencement of the journey,” EAC said.

Meanwhile, Electronic Cargo and Driver Tracking system will ease the movement of goods at the border points as it will allow sharing of Covid-19 test results of truck drivers electronically, eliminating the need for physical checks, which has been blamed for causing delays in clearance.

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