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Kayunga water supply project in Uganda receives a financial boost

The Kayunga water supply project in Kayunga district, Central Uganda, has received a financial boost in the form of a loan worth over US$6.5M from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

These funds will be used to finance the construction of a drinking water pipeline in the Kayunga district, particularly in the Busaana locality. This pipeline will be connected to the East African country drinking water network. The project also involves the construction of reservoirs in the villages of Kaazi, Bugadu, Kyampisi, and Kiwangula.

The project which is the second phase of the Uganda Strategic Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project will be carried out by Vambeco Enterprises Limited, a local engineering firm engaged in construction services.

Expectations for the Kayunga water supply project
The drinking water project is mainly expected to provide clean drinking water to the people of Busaana locality who currently rely on water from boreholes and unprotected springs.

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According to Alex Twinomucunguzi, the Deputy Commissioner for Urban Water in the Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment says that due to population growth, Kayunga’s current piped water system is not sufficient and the situation, if not looked into, is expected to be gruesome within the next five years when the population of the Kayunga district will shoot to at least 100,000 people.

In that regard, the project is expected to extend to the semi-arid areas of Bbaale and Galilaaya towns, also in the Kayunga district.

The first phase of the Strategic Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project
The first phase of the Strategic Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Uganda was completed in 2019 and it now provides clean water from the Nile to the people of Kasana.

This project cost the government of the Republic of Uganda more than US$3.2M.

After Kayunga, the Strategic Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project will move to the Mukono District.

Source: Construction Review Online

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