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South African business solutions firm enters Rwandan market

Rwanda is increasingly attracting new foreign businesses that consider the country as a gateway to both East and Central African markets.

The recent entrant is Winfield a technology services provider and business consulting company specialising in end to end software development, IT consultancy and professional and accredited training services.

According to Mugara Memory Taremekedzwa, the Managing Director, the firm has already established its office at Makuza Plaza complex in the central Business district of the capital Kigali. They are headquartered in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

“Global marketplace conditions which are unpredictable mean that every industry will need effective business management and IT systems that enable them to remain competitive and profitable,” she says.

Taremekedzwa explains that they are entering the Rwandan market to offer solutions in areas including; Health, Mobile, Education, retail, finance, business, logistics and media.

“We have both the experience and services that support a number of industries,” she said.

In the area of IT, the firm says it will help clients to develop aligned business and technology strategies; “We assess and recommend emerging technologies that can bring improved operational efficiencies to particular business operations.”

Clients are also able to choose specific professional services including project management with an approach that aims at meeting customer requirements through transparency and delivering on-time and within budget.

With a highly competitive technology industry, the firm says its customers can also enjoy IT solutions such as; Full Stack Development, Mobile Software Development, Software Prototyping and Testing, Software Product Development, Quality Assurance and DevOps Automation.

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As Rwanda and the region adjust to the disruptions caused by Covid-19, most businesses and service providers are embracing digital migration to realign with the new normal.

Taremekedzwa says her firm seeks to help its customers be the best online business in their category by improving existing workflows, analysing shopping patterns and boosting their digital presence across many channels.

“This includes; System Integration, Omni-Channel Commerce and Platform Implementation,” says Taremekedzwa.

According to her, the firm is also involved in UI/UX Development – applying interactive and visual design principles on websites and web applications for a positive and cohesive user experience.

She told Taarifa that her firm also helps customers’ products bridge the real world with the digital world through unique and creative designs tailored to each of our clients; Web and Mobile UI/UX Design Services, UI and UX Consulting.

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