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Experience Kigali’s new digitised motor-taxis

Transport on a Motor-taxi in Rwanda’s capital Kigali has taken a new and drastic improvement that can simply be described as digitized, faster and clean.

When you approach a Motor-taxi operator at any designated parking point in Kigali, you will be given a made in Rwanda hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands thoroughly.

The operator will ask you to wrap your head with a bandana or scarf. He will also first spray the passenger helmet with a disinfectant and hands it to you. He does all this with a facemask and helmet cover pulled down on his face. You can’t see his face.

When you board onto the motor-taxi, the operator will activate the GPS fitted gadget that looks like a smartphone. He will ask you for your phone number which he feeds into this gadget and rides off to your destination.

Upon arrival the operator will show you the figures generated by the Gadget which includes the distance and amount of money you are required to pay.

“The system requires both hard cash and electronic payment,” an operator told Taarifa on Sunday after a maiden ride aimed at assessing the new adoption taken by government.

Taarifa has observed that a journey that previously cost Rwf1000 from Nyabugogo Bus terminal to Kicukiro centre, now costs Rwf1,480 under the automated GPS metering system.

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Under the new system there is no time wasted negotiating the journey fee vis a vis the distance as it has been previously. Sometimes it used to lead to quarrels, pulling and shoving due to disagreement on fees charged.

The installed GPS-enabled gadgets now automatically calculate distance and generate the transport fee based on rates prescribed by Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA).

This new adoption is part of a comprehensive set of measures that are being implemented by Rwanda to prevent further spreading of Covid-19 pandemic as the country takes calculated steps and phases to lift the ban on sections of the economy.

The Motor-taxi metering system provides 3 key advantages in the time of Covid-19; Both Drivers and Passengers will be better protected against Covid-19 by avoiding contaminated currency notes and coins.

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