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Art Beat – The World is changing – Art in COVID19 time

The dimension of Art is something important and influences our existence, it happens, and it is not something peripheric in our lives.

The world is changing in a hard, but eventually necessarily way, the global pandemic is operating a new “status quo” of the human being. Our mind set will be tuned in a different way of doing things, our behaviour towards others must change.

If you look attentively to this the global virus and the World of Art, both are a communal experience, and bring us together, today more than ever. This fact leads us to one pertinent question:

What similarities can we identify between the reality of this virus and art world and markets?

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Well, the moment brings inspiration, a new approach and the need of creative strategies to expose, to share and to sell, this is the first of several changes created by Covid19 time.

Despite the crisis, art is demonstrating its resilience, however keeping art alive requires two complementary approaches, either through supporting cultural professionals, either by bringing and promoting access to art for all.

Art by Abdoulaye Diallo

One thing is obvious, the reality Covid19, although tragic, brought a series of challenges and opportunities, namely in the way we relate to others.

Undoubtedly art is facing a new business models and strategies, sharing, valuation and sales will be different, some experts even claim that the post Covid will bring added value to the art market, only time can response to those questions.

This “new world” or if we want “new order”, needs a global approach, art is no different, that’s why we assist organisations, from UNESCO to UN or several worldwide ONG’s engaged to innovate and find creative and profitable alternatives to art markets and market places.

Museums, Art Gallery’s, Auctions Houses, International Art Fairs and Exhibitions as well as artists and cultural sector, crosses over an authentic mutation, a bridge to a new dimension, an “online and digital path” of no return.

Art business will find a way to keep out trading, if we take a look at the graphic of the world GDP connected to the Art World Market (source Art Economics 2020) it’s easy to analyse the relation and coincidence between both, we are then, led to realize that this global pandemic is not in itself a new face to the trend and influence of economic crises in to the Arts Markets.

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This crisis had brought dynamic tools ( digital and online) to promote and trade Art all over the world, even the biggest, well known and traditional museums were obliged to change the way of doing business, today art is more democratic and accessible to all. Some critics claims that this is not, in time, good for the artist value… only time can say!!

Anyway, despite all the changes and adaptions, art “actors” , influencers or traders must be and stay optimistic, the same way we need to believe that art markets, organizations and artist will return stronger and more prepared to this “new era”.
In a particular and difficult moment, this is our statement, a message of trust is needed and Art Gallery by CCIP stands for it.
Keep trading, Keep Exposing and Showing …Stay Safe.

Thank you for your best attention

Gonçalo TerenasCurator at Art Gallery by CCIPS
President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Cultural Promotion Portugal – Senegal & West Africa (CCIPS), Board Member of Economic Consultative Council of the Embassy of Portugal in Dakar – Senegal, Member of Portuguese Diaspora Council since April 2017

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