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Weekend – Arise Africa and Succeed!

How will you define success? The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

I took time looking around me, in my community and friends. I saw people mark milestone when they obtained material things like a modern car, a beautiful house etc. I sat down and ask some deep questions within, naturally answers came spontaneously.

If you have succeeded in life by buying a house or car then have you accomplished your purpose? Where is that drive to bring about change, seeing people lacking, are you losing focus?

You know deep down you have a solution that can change others for better. Is it about what you can achieve alone? Buddy reach out there and help Africa to grow, help Africa to thrive, yes we can.

All these good things like money, houses, boats, cars are just tools to help us fulfil our purpose on earth. It’s all about making what happened to you happen to others. Arise! Africa Arise!

I personally define success as impacting others as much as you can, an overflow of the inner gift to the next person. Out of the entrepreneurship journey I have learnt good things. I will say success of an entrepreneur can be measured on how many people you raised to achieve their dreams. How many jobs have you help to create in your community. How many people you have assisted to understand their potential and use it to make their lives better.

I have learnt that success in entrepreneurship is not about me, I and my self. It’s about finding people who would like to walk the path you have walked. Assist them identifying the pitfalls you fell in and that they might learn from you and do greater things. This will give birth to their greatness and well-informed communities in Africa.

Let’s therefore be successful entrepreneurs and help our communities to thrive.

Arise! Africa Arise! Open your eyes and do greater things!

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