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AfDB gets a prize for backing green economy

The Green Cluster of SMEs in Côte d’Ivoire awarded the African Development Bank (AfDB) a prize for the best technical and financial partner committed to promoting the green economy and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) toward a low-carbon transition.

AFDB was awarded at the Green Awards, which was launched in 2019 under the sponsorship of the Ivorian Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development Prof. Joseph Seka Seka, with support from Félix Miézan Anoblé, Côte d’Ivoire’s minister of trade, industry and promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Green Cluster organised a follow-up event, despite the pandemic to recognize the continuing importance of sustainable development, the green economy and other measures to fight climate change.

The award acknowledges the actors that have made a significant contribution to the development of green SMEs and the emergence of a sustainable low-carbon green economy resilient to climate change.

“As an innovative approach of building on SMEs’ resilience and commitment toward a post-COVID green and sustainable economy, the Green Days in Abidjan awarded the African Development Bank with a Green Award prize for their key contribution to the development of a green economy and green SMEs,” said Marc Daubrey, Green Cluster – CI President.

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Dr Arona Soumaré, AfDB’s regional principal climate change officer, who attended the event said: “We are much honoured to receive this Green Award. Enabling eco-innovative SMEs to take into account climate change risks and opportunities, is a key step toward achieving a green economy in the context of the post-COVID-19 recovery.

“For this reason, the African Development Bank is leading the way to strengthen the technical capacities of SMEs and is deploying a range of climate finance mechanisms to respond to their needs for both competitiveness and inclusive growth.”

The African Development Bank Climate Change and Green Growth Department has provided ongoing technical support to the organisation of the Green Days in the form of presentations and the mobilisation of experts.

The Green Awards represent one pillar of the “Green Days” that were held virtually in Abidjan from 28 to 30 July. The other pillars are a Green Marketplace and Green Talks.

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