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Angola Calombolo saltworks expect to produce 150k tons

The Calombolo saltworks, located in the Chamume area, in the municipality of Baía Farta, expect to reach a production of 150,000 tons of raw salt this year, compared to 120,000 in 2019, said its owner, Adérito Areias.

According to the entrepreneur, who was speaking at the end of an observation visit by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Francisco de Assis, to the area of greatest salt production in Benguela province, the harvest will result from the exploitation of an area of 700 hectares and new investments.

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Adérito Areias advocated that a good production, in any field, should reach 250 tons/year per hectare, without which the production modalities should be reviewed, so he foresees 175,000 tons in 700 hectares.

The salt produced by the saltworks feed, above all, the internal market, but through dealers it already reaches the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Calombolo saltworks currently employ 3,000 workers, 80 percent of whom are women.

Overall, the country needs at least 160,000 tones of salt per year for consumption, including the industrial sector.

Source: Angop

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