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Addisber: Connecting Ethiopia to the world market

Digital economy plays a vital role in economic development and growth of a country. As Ethiopia, striving for fast and sustainable economic growth, digital economy contributes considerably to the next level economic development of the nation. This digital economy enables the conduction of trade in goods and services as well as the payment system on the internet and using digital system.

This highly requires manpower, hardware and software infrastructure development.

In this regard, introducing the eTransaction Proclamation is considered as a big way forward step to Ethiopia. In addition, as a showcase to this leap, Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba Group, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ethiopia for the creation of an Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP). The deal will see Ethiopia as the gateway for Africa to join globalization by e-commerce platforms, which will inspire the whole Africa to grasp the opportunities of the digital economy.

Over the last few years, it has been noticed an increase of e-commerce players in Ethiopia. As Part of this process and through observing the growing trend of the digital sector in Ethiopia, is established to play its vital role by facing the first mover’s challenges. is operating under legally registered company and administered by Addis Path Trading PLC, a Private Limited Company, having its registered office at Addis Ababa, Yeka Kifle Ketema, Woreda 07, WAF Building, 5th floor, House No. 839/844/501. is an e-commerce business creating values to its customers by setting the following vision, mission, and goals.




Also read: Online shopping portal with its own warehouse enters the Ethiopian market is an online shopping portal that presents different significant opportunities in providing a wide range of products to its existing and potential customers. Its products include Educational & Entertainment Items (Books, Games, Puzzles, etc), Stationary & Office Supplies, Cosmetics, Kids & Toddlers items, Food Items, Gardening & DIY (Do-it-Yourself) tools, Household items, Cleaning & Sanitary, Kitchen Appliances, Solar Energy devices, Sport-Fitness & Health and other related FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).
Besides, it has its own dispatch center and central warehouse located around Ayat area, ADDIS ABABA. It has a plan to have additional warehouses in the Capital city following an increase in operation.

So far, the company invested morethan15 million birr. It creates an employment opportunity for more than 30 employees, mainly for first degree graduates from different Universities with high grade performance. It also gives priority for female graduates which accounts for 74% of the total employment. is the valuable platform for all personal and business needs. team strongly believe that there is always a better way of doing a job and this e-commerce is part of this concept that will assist customers to transact from anywhere and at any time. is a gateway to an easy lifestyle.

Since is administered by legally established and registered company with known address, it provides a legal VAT registered sales invoice to all customers while delivering the product. The Digital Marketing team of uses a mobile POS and let the customer to be confident and if there is any change in mind or choice, the team can adjust the list and issue the invoice in front of the customer after confirming order. This legal practice gives the customer more confidence and encourages to make more orders.

The payment options in are wide in range. It gives different alternatives starting from Cash on Delivery and all the way to accepting different international payment cards. Customers may pay through online or by using their mobile phone. Recently, concluded E-commerce merchant agreement with Bank of Abyssinia for the acceptance of Visa cards and Master cards using CyberSource. CyberSource provides a single platform solution from customer-friendly payment experiences to automated fraud protection. This lets our customers to order and arrange payment from abroad using Visa or Master Cards.

Particularly for those living in a foreign land or Diaspora, who has family members here in Ethiopia and wish to send items and daily needs instead of cash, using is suitable and the best choice. ADDIS ABABA is a metropolitan city and the headquarter of the African Union. And due to its historical, diplomatic, and political significance for the continent it is often referred as “the political capital city of Africa”. In addition, there are a lot of International organizations, embassies, international community schools and many more. Besides, there are so many passengers that transit via Addis Ababa international airport and stay for few days and have no chance to use the local cards. Thus, is their number one choice to let all transactions to satisfy their need from the displayed products on our e-commerce website.

In order to incorporate the huge number of mobile end-users in Ethiopia, the portal uses local payment gateways like Yenepay, Amole, CBE Birr, Hello Cash, M-birr and much more.

It is also possible for Individuals or Institutional customers to transfer money to the company account if they choose to go to the bank physically or using their mobile or internet access. They can transfer money to one of the bank accounts listed on the portal and settle their due payment for their active order by choosing the Direct Bank Transfer option. Referring the order number generated via the website shall be required in this case.

Furthermore, facilitates Credit Sales arrangement on a contract agreement basis for organizations that will have recurrent purchases. Most institutional customers are enjoying the price they get and benefited some discount for their order. Some organizations are using the website for their retail market price analysis and to see the prevailed retail price level of the town.

Unlike most online shopping service providers, hold its own stock and is selling its own products. This means the items displayed on the portal are stocked in the warehouse. Besides, most of its products are US standard products and imported from USA. imported different products from USA and displayed for sale by separating the icon as “Made in USA” on its website. is a user-friendly website and is easy for anyone who has preliminary knowledge of utilizing computers. However, if there is any assistance needed regarding the usage of the website or about any doubts, the professional staffs of are alert to assist and to let customers feel at home. Existing or Potential customers can get online support if there is any assistance they need to order or to buy from or if they need any kind of information regarding the center. is designed to make the user experience special and unique. That’s why it gives its users all the freedom to create their own account on the website in an effort to manage and record their own orders with status report, wish lists and so on for their further review in the future.

Customers expected to sign up and be a member before going for shopping. However, being a member is not needed to see the total offers of the website, anyone can visit.

Signing up process is very short. While going for shopping at, one will fill its billing address where buyer’s bill goes and verifying the billing address is considered as part of approving the order. If the delivery address is different from the billing address, the customer shall fill the “ship to:” address field in addition to the billing address so that the Digital Marketing team will deliver it to that specifically filled address. This gives benefit to customers that they can send a gift for someone they know, or consumables to their home, or send items to their elders, parents, beloved ones who reside at a different location of the town.

The dynamic feature of the website makes it different and chosen. To let customers give priority for their search, the portal also organized two corners for attention. The first one is New Arrivals icon that lets customers to see newly arrived items and to order in good time what they need. The second one is Special Offer icon which gives information to customers on items that set with discounted price and special offer packages. shopping website comprises a wish-list icon to give a good care and comfort to its customers. Wish-lists are collections of desired products saved by customers to their user account, signifying interest without immediate intent to purchase. The wish-list mechanism is quite simple. While a customer visits and browses through products and found what they need but it may be beyond their budget or do not need them now for different reasons. So, customers can simply add them into their wish-list to buy them next time when they are ready to purchase.

Online shoppers want to learn about other shoppers’ experiences. And this trend is confirmed that 95% of shoppers read comments online before making a purchase. These days, a great majority of Internet users checks reviews of individuals before making its buying decision. also follows the best international trend in the e-commerce industry by also enabling its users to check reviews of specific brands and products.

According to Statista, the number of smartphone users worldwide reach up to 2.87 billion by 2020. Even in our country there is an exponential growth of smart phone users. In line with this, have both android and IOS apps to make customers’ shopping experience even simpler and accessible on hand.

Most e-commerce websites only interact with their customer base in a few basic ways, through initial orders, through customer complaints, and hopefully, through positive reviews. Adding a regular blog to allows the portal to build an online community with more engagement, establish a direct line of communication with our customers, and keep up to date with changes and trends on the consumer side of the e-commerce equation. Ultimately, this puts in a better position to provide the kind of service that builds brand loyalty and a solid online reputation.

Social media is one of the convenient ways to reach potential customers. To get started, created social media profiles on Twitter, Linked-in, Telegram and Facebook and start networking with different potential customers. New arrivals, Special Offers, and different messages are posted on these medias to let customers up-to-date and bring them to equal page with what is going on the website. By applying this strategy, we are able to communicate our values to our customers easily. is going forward to give value-added services to all its current and potential customers.

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