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Weekend: Stay Creative – Sibongile Nchifor

What makes you different is your character, response or reaction when you face challenges.

You have a purpose for living, when you were born there was a purpose assigned to you to accomplish.
You have discovered that you live to be an entrepreneur, to bring unique solutions in our African continent and humanity.

How Awesome is discovering your purpose? Living a meaningful life and fulfilling your destiny, did you know that the world has been waiting for you to manifest your uniqueness and fit the part of the puzzle called life. Be proud of who you are despite of hurdles and challenges, press on and move forward. As you are doing so a better you is being revealed. Have you noticed that when you lack ingredients you turn to be creative to make sure you cook taste food? In the midst of the challenge of having less ingredients can cause you to get understanding of things you didn’t know about before.

The scientists discovered things when they put their mind to search for solutions to problems the society faces per time. So entrepreneurs, never stop being creative take time to ponder and think how you can make thing better. Challenge the normal and see how they can be improved to serve humanity better. Even the solution you brought before needs constant improvement.

Never stop dreaming and searching for more, fulfil your destiny. #StayCreative


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