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Mozambique MRG tests deliver sizeable ilmenite upgrade

Metallurgical test-work results indicate that ilmenite TiO2 product of higher concentration can be produced from the Koko Massava deposit [in Gaza province].

MRG Metals Ltd’s  metallurgical test-work on a 100-kilogram bulk sample from the Koko Massava total heavy minerals (THM) resource in Mozambique has delivered a sizeable upgrade in ilmenite product.

Ultra Low Temperature Roasting (ULTR) under reduced conditions produced a quality upgraded

ilmenite product with 47.1% titanium dioxide (TiO2) concentration.

There is a potential to further upgrade the product to near 50% TiO2 concentration with next step optimisation.

These test results support the maiden mineral resource estimate of 1.423 billion tonnes at 5.2% total THM and establish Koko Massava as a globally significant heavy mineral sand (HMS) asset.

Commercial potential

MRG Minerals chairman Andrew Van Der Zwan said: “We have been successful in producing a 47.1% TiO2 concentrate product from a small, initial 100-kilogram sample and we are confident that further optimisation will deliver near 50% from Koko Massava material.

“We have demonstrated commercial potential for this Ilmenite product, which can be used as a direct feedstock for sulphate pigment manufacture or as a feedstock for titanium slag manufacture.”

Test-work details

A bulk sample of 100 kilograms representing the high-grade mineralised zones of valuable heavy mineral (VHM) from within the Koko Massava resource was sent to IHC Robbins in Brisbane for metallurgical testing.

Preliminary test-work demonstrated that multiple products can be produced from Koko Massava material.

The sample was roasted at ultra-low temperature under reduced conditions and then processed through a series of magnetic separators to produce an upgraded ilmenite product with 47.1% TiO2 concentration.

Ilmenite structure didn’t change under the low-temperature conditions and remains soluble with sulphuric acid.

It can thereby be used as a direct feedstock for sulphate pigment manufacture or as a feedstock for titanium slag manufacture.

“Addressing ilmenite shortage”

Van Der Zwan said: “We now turn our attention to the remainder of our exciting exploration portfolio, aimed at not just identifying high grades but also greater valuable mineral assemblage.

“We have now discovered sands of much higher Ilmenite content relative to Titanomagnetite in other targets across our portfolio and we are confident our search for enhanced in-ground value will be successful.

“We are excited about our upcoming drill programs at Nhacutse, Poiombo and Bungane prospects as well as promising future targets behind them, like Zulene.

“We are also confident in the depth of products that our Mozambican portfolio could potentially deliver and in our ability to play an important role in addressing the ilmenite shortage predicted by many analysts over the coming years.”

Source: Proactive Investors Australia via Club od Mozambique

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